Strategic Management of Associations

Our reputation for managing trade associations is built upon a genuine experience in the food sector and a solid competence in EU food regulatory affairs.

At ECCO we understand that every association is different and we pride ourselves on offering a tailor-made service, beyond ‘clerical’ needs. Providing a dedicated team of association leaders, we help associations achieve their strategic goals, beyond the regulatory freedom to operate. ECCO also facilitates the creation of new associations, bringing together interested parties to establish a joint representation of interests.

  • Interpretation and analysis of decision-making procedures
  • Evaluating impact of food policy on food business sectors
  • Advocacy services
  • Facilitating interaction with key stakeholders
  • Monitoring EU developments on food policy
  • International outreach e.g. Codex Alimentarius

With a wide EU institutional network, our services in food regulatory affairs range from proactive analysis of food policy developments affecting their food/ingredients businesses, to proposing and implementing advocacy strategies in line with the association goals.

  • Association leaders (Secretary General, Executive Managers)
  • Strategic guidance for association development
  • Alliance building
  • Anti-trust compliance
  • Communications strategies (reputation management, media engagement)
  • Events management (public and private)
  • Website management

In addition to regular management duties, clients trust our experienced association leaders to provide strategic recommendations to advance the interests of the association and to represent the association before key institutions.

  • Statutory compliance (by-laws)
  • Financial administration (budgets, accounts)
  • Preparation & reporting (General Assembly, Board, technical meetings)
  • Transparency Register

In order to create an environment that allows trade associations to focus on their strategic priorities, we provide pro-active day-to-day administrative management and general secretariat duties. Boosted by our long-standing experience, we offer high quality cost-effective services from organising meetings, drafting agendas and minutes, to preparing budget proposals, managing accounts (under the supervision of an independent accountant) and client relations.