Corporate Services : Food Policy & EU Regulatory Affairs

ECCO’s reputation is built upon a genuine experience in the food sector and a solid competence in EU food regulatory affairs.

We pride ourselves on providing a flexible, cost-effective service, tailored to suit your food/ingredient business needs. From navigating the EU regulatory maze to developing comprehensive lobbying strategies, we help food/ingredient businesses achieve their corporate objectives.

With a tight firewall between clients and a culture of respect and confidentiality, corporate clients trust us with their business needs.

  • Simplifying food policy and its application to a specific food/ingredient
  • Monitoring EU legislative developments in the food sector
  • Intelligence gathering to navigate the EU regulatory maze
  • Information materials (PPTs, memos..) for internal corporate use
  • Training for corporate regulatory affairs staff


  • Policy tracking & reporting on the development of the new legislative framework for Foods for Special Groups
  • Presentation on the impact of the new novel foods legislation
  • Monitoring the comitology process for the authorisation of a food additive
  • Training on the Codex Committee on Food Additives (CCFA)
  • Interpretation of EU legislation and in-depth analysis of potential impact on a given sector/product
  • Strategic guidance on the optimum regulatory approach for a food/ingredient
  • Development of comprehensive EU lobbying strategies
  • Development of application dossiers to bring new ingredients to the EU market
  • Drafting petitions to Codex (CCFA)


  • Assessment of the potential business impact of the new legislative framework for Foods for Special Groups
  • Assessment of potential impact of Brexit
  • Assisting companies in the development of a harmonised strategy for the placing on the market of a health claim
  • Preparation, submission and follow-up of application dossier for extension of use of a food additive in a given food category
  • Establishment of ad-hoc corporate platforms in accordance with anti-trust rules
  • Organisation of trade missions for groups of interested businesses
  • Representation at Commission meetings


  • Setting up platform of interested businesses to coordinate the submission of data to the European Commission /EFSA (re-evaluation of food additives)
  • Setting up platform of interested businesses to coordinate the organisation of a technical event
  • Ensuring anti-trust compliance at a meeting with delegates from several competitor companies