Frances Hunt-Wood

As co-owner and Managing Director, Frances has helped build ECCO into the leading European consultancy specialised in food regulatory affairs and the management of associations in the food ingredient sector.

Since joining ECCO in 2004, Frances has worked with senior leadership teams in the food and food ingredient sectors, providing advice on European food regulation and food policy as well as guidance on strategies to devise and deliver trade association goals, issues management plans and governance frameworks. Frances has served as Secretary General to a number of leading European and global trade associations in the food ingredient and food law sectors and has also been appointed to the boards of directors of professional associations within these fields.

Frances has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and French (LLB) and a Master’s degree in European Public Affairs. She started her career in the public affairs team of a global food retailer where she was responsible for food and consumer policy and engagement with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).