Is your business worried about BREXIT?

While Brexit has the capacity to disrupt businesses in all sectors, the sensitivity of all things agricultural in trade negotiations, the density of regulatory demands and high integration of the EU supply chain create particular challenges for food businesses.

With decades of experience of working closely with food clients on trade and regulatory issues, ECCO is ready to guide your company through the complexity of new trading relations between the EU and the UK by:

  • Helping you identify the specific issues – regulatory continuity/divergence, tariffs, tariff rate quotas, customs controls, certification, rules of origin – that will be subject to renegotiation and will shape your future business.
  • Bringing clarity to your Brexit goals: providing a clear framework for assessing realistic post-Brexit scenarios and tracking developments in negotiations.
  • Supporting your post-Brexit ambitions: Developing the messaging and strategies to further your goals with Brexit decision-makers.

A successful approach to Brexit requires a sober and careful analysis that filters out the political posturing and emotion that risks dominating negotiations.

We therefore also endeavour not to:

  • Fill your inbox with “updates” on the latest rumours on what is happening “behind closed doors.”
  • Present you with lengthy reports on aspects of negotiations which, while interesting, will be marginal to your businesses.
  • Propose ideas and solutions that are beyond the political and legal grasp of negotiators.

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